At the end of 2010, from the great passion and deep expertise ofUmberto Borile  in associations with the Bassi family, was born the new business Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l. which has its registered office in Vò (near Venice).
The new company was started up by Umberto Borile, in quality of president, and Alberto Bassi in quality of managing director.
2011 will be a year rich of news for the bikes created by the Umberto Borile & Co s.r.l. 
Programmes prophesy the production of a new B500CR, a road scrambler, and the B350EN, anenduro model in the most classic of the old-style shape.

Furthermore we will produce an innovative Multiuso (multi-purpose) and a gourgeous custom-builtB500Ricki.
All of this creations will take place according to the Borile's tradition and with the continuos pursuit of style, elegance and perfection worthy of a product Made In Italy.

Our aim is to build our motorcycles by hand, piece by piece, using only the best materials available on the market with a maniacal attention to details, so that we can have ourselves gain satisfaction from each assembled piece.

Working in this direction, we have learnt an important lesson year after year, step by step until we have reached the final development of our bike. It is the final prize for a work begun in 1988 with the Piuma 520, a single cylinder, four stroke, 500 cc, an innovative off road bike whose futuristic solutions are only now adopted by some designers. 

With the Borile B500T, showed in 1997 at EICMA exhibition in Milan, we have taken a new direction proposing the classical look of the “60's" inspired by the classic English school, powered by modern mechanisms, all dressed, with a painstaking care, of aluminium handmade and polished particulars.

The first B500CR was presented in 1999 with a new engine in unit with its gearbox.
In a short time this bike earned the respect and appreciation of all the experts of the field, being several times recognised as one of the best italian bikes produced in the last few years.

Making good use of the expertise acquired after many years of renowned work, we are now ready to revitalize Borile motorcycles, without losing the unique style that made our bikes famous in Italy and all over the world.

Les Multiuso sont arrivées en magasin

Venez les decouvrir !!!!!