Why Vyrus / By Ascanio Rodorigo


I play with motorcycle, since many years, I like to create one-off prototypes committed by crazy customers. Every kind of request is a real fight to reach the dream of my Committant: volumetric compressor, incredible fuel tank shape, enormous wheels, performance exhaust with impossible shape and way...


I was a young boy, at the airport of Rimini the Ferrari Team  came with a tester and a F40 to make brakes homologation. My father, a jet fighter pilot,  was invited to participate and was inside the car. Happy and excited by the adventure. I walked around the car and looked at every particular. Lights, dashboard, internal equipment, everything did tell meI thought that was the best thing I could see at that time, the enthusiasm of my father become virulent because his approval of noise, velocity, real sensations and feeling. What a beauty!


My dream was a production of little series of bikes that could give me the fantastic sensation of a Race GP motorcycle but with lights and lateral stand!

The rear swing arm hand bended and welded to be the strongest and lightest possible, the special bolts machine worked to save 3 grams each, the seat with 8 mm foam to have the best feeling in drive, the carbon fibre everywhere, the fuel tank cap screw type, the bleeding system of fuel and engine vapour running in carbon fibre canisters, injection and ignition controlled by the most advanced computer, cable wiring almost invisible but the most complicate available, Racing style dashboards, the best brakes. All the best for a “Championship with a license plate": the dream became true with Vyrus. I never had compromise since was young boy, why should I change now?

This is The Vyrus!


Ascanio Rodorigo / Project Manager

Vyrus Divisione Motori