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Moto Guzzi takes a step towards the future, a homage to the quintessence of travel, dedicated to motorcyclists who do not stop when they reach the end of the asphalt.
Announcing the 80 HP twin cylinder, the new technical platform around which Moto Guzzi will be developing a new family of motorcycles.

The V85 is another gaze opened towards the future, the next challenge for a brand that aims to offer enthusiasts a wider range that meets every need. The features it has place the V85 between the classic V7 and V9 family and the 1400 large cruisers, covering the gap left by Stelvio. It is a motorcycle that has travel in its blood and the unmistakable spirit of Moto Guzzi.

The V85 is dedicated to those who, while never ceasing to dream of Dakar, yearn for a bike that revives the spirit of adventure on their daily journeys. The Moto Guzzi prefigures a modern motorcycle, fully equipped and with a strong character, but also a pure and essential motorcycle with its shapes that originate directly from Moto Guzzi's own history.