• The Bott M211 has been designed to be a durable and tough bike, thinking mainly in National Championships and trackdays, where budgets are not very high and most teams can not afford frequent chassis and swingarm replacement.
  • Spare parts have a logical price. When buying a racebike it is very important to be aware of spare parts cost.
  • Chassis has been designed to avoid chattering.
  • The design is very focused on the bike ergonomy, the M210 is very narrow around the rider knees and very comfortable for the rider.
  • The headstock uses a stem-less design, which improves airflow to the airbox and helps to reduce chattering on the front end.

Fiche technique

  • Chassis

    • Chassis: Steel trellis built using super high quality Reynolds tubes.
    • Swingarm: Aluminium sheetmetal and CNC machined.
    • Brakes: Brembo discs and calipers. Two 290 mm front discs and one 220 rear one.
    • Brake lines: Hel, front and rear equiped with Staubli quick connectors.
    • Front fork: K-tech KTR-3 presurized fork. Adjustable in preload, compression and rebound damping.
    • Shock absorber: K-tech 35DDS. Adjustable in preload, compression and rebound damping.
    • Wheels: OZ, magnesium. Front 3.5″, Rear 6″.
    • Tyres: 125/75 R17 Front, 195/75 R17 Rear.
    • Electronics: EFI race electrical loom, ECU included (Mark depending on championship rules), display included, telemetry included, telemetry sensors included.
    • Exhaust: Titanium with CRP carbon fiber silencer.
    • Radiator: Taleo aluminium race unit with Bottpower specifications.
    • Bodywork: Carbon fiber or fiberglass (upon customer requirement).



    • Type: Honda CBR 600 four strokes, four cylinder, liquid cooling.
    • Engine tuning: Option: several tuning levels available, depending on championship rules.
    • Clutch: Several brands available, upon customer request.