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                                                        Tarif au 1er Janvier 2016 *

SCRAMBLER: 16.990€ + 983,50€ Frais = 17.973,50€ 


Détail des Frais: Frais de Transport (459€)-Frais de mise en Route (255€) et Frais d'immatriculation (269,50€) -

There is a paradox at the centre of the British character that is hard to explain - it's the gentleman and
the hooligan, it's country houses and edgy pop music, and sometimes it takes a foreigner to express it.

Jens vom Brauck the Cologne based designer, working with the Berlin bike builders Urban Motor, has
taken a polite, old-fashioned Triumph Thruxton and given it some street attitude.

The high bars, low slim seat, sleek side-panels and neatly integrated short mudguard have changed theproportions completely – it looks like it's been working-out.

The engine and tank look bigger and more muscularand the rest is slimmed down and taut. You sit low and relaxed, but the bars (Jens calls them choppeddown ape-hangers) bring your fists up in front of your face.

Start the engine and even at tick-over the the two-into-one high-up exhaust has a hint of menace that you don't expect from a Thruxton motor.
It's daring you to pump up the volume.

Peter Dannenberg, the boss of Urban Motor, is really pleased with the result, “The Triumph is a great basisWhen you strip it down, underneath you find an authentic motorbike in it's purest form."

All the details are as clean and elegant as you'd expect from JvB, but there's a toughness there and
this mixture of rough and refined is as British as Daniel Craig.

The front has been lightened up with the designer's trademark headlight and there's an old-school mini
speedo from Motogadget. But it's at the back that the biggest changes have been made, “I put a lot of
work into sharpening up the rear," says Jens, “on Hinckley twins the seats are wide, and long enough
for 3 rugby players - I've changed everything." The seat, side-panels and mudguards are hand-made
by the designer.

“As soon as the Brit Bob was finished I wanted to try it out, and we went down to the river and hooned
around a bit, took a few photos. The handling's sorted. We've got the weight down to about 200kg, the
centre of gravity is low and it drifts like a good'un."

*Tarifs sujets à modification selon base moto Scrambler ou T100 2008-2015

Fiche technique

Base: Triumph Bonneville ou Scrambler 2008-2015

Details: Nouvel Echappement en Inox, Selle, Bercau de cadre AR, Compteur Motogadget, Caches Latéraux sur mesure, 

Phare, Garde boues, Repose pieds, Jantes etc .......


Poids: Moins de 200 kgs selon les options choisies

Suspensions: Fouche Showa origine avec Ressorts Progressifs - Amortisseurs YSS réglables et précontrainte - Hauteur de Selle Ajustable


Pneus: Au choix

Front: 100/ 90-18
Rear: 150/ 70-17

Base Moteur: BONNEVILLE:  68CV@7500



                          SCRAMBLER:  59CV@6800